Viro Perspectives

Learn more on the topic of Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) via our ongoing series of clinical posts by David Kilpatrick, PhD and Abbas Vafai, PhD.

BioDot provides a number of reagent dispensing platforms that are designed for a combination of R&D and production activities. In both cases, the same dispensing technology is used which allows for R&D validated processes to be efficiently transferred to the manufacturing environment. IMPREGNATION: Bulk impregnation of sheets in baths or in-line with the RR120 is […]

DISPENSING AND IMPREGNATION PRODUCTS, continued: AirJet HR™ The AirJet HR™ is a nanoliter aerosol dispenser. This BioDot system uses pressurized air to atomize fluid passing through the dispensing nozzle for non-contact, quantitative aerosol dispensing. This creates a quantitative spray format, in which a dot or line can be quantitatively generated on a continuous basis. BioDot’s […]

DISPENSING AND IMPREGNATION PRODUCTS, continued: The next several systems are non-contact, which is the preferred system with LFA diagnostic assay applications. All of these are offered by BioDot. BioJet HR™ The BioJet HR™ is a proprietary, qualitative, non-contact technology which couples the BioJet “Drop-on-Demand” valve with a high-resolution syringe pump. The BioJet HR™ meters precise […]