The next several systems are non-contact, which is the preferred system with LFA diagnostic assay applications. All of these are offered by BioDot.

BioJet HR™

The BioJet HR™ is a proprietary, qualitative, non-contact technology which couples the BioJet “Drop-on-Demand” valve with a high-resolution syringe pump. The BioJet HR™ meters precise amounts of reagent, incorporating the benefits of non-contact dispensing and the ability to program exact drop volumes (nanoliter to microliter).

BioJet Ultra™

The BioJet UltraTM is a non-contact system capable of handling picoliter to nanoliter liquid handling and spotting solution with drop-on-demand capability. The dispense platform can produce a single dynamic drop volume range of 100pL to 1.0nL. It is compatible with a wide range of reagent types, including aqueous, organic, and cells. The platform can be optimized to work with a high dynamic range of viscosities without additives (up to 400 cP).

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