Current identification reagent tests offer only two monoclonal antibodies. However, having more monoclonal antibodies further enhances the detection of viral antigens by binding to more antigenic sites in patient samples, thus providing a more efficient and sensitive diagnostic reagent kit.

Developed by the same virologist who pioneered the reagent test available on the market for the past decade, Dr. Abbas Vafai has developed a more sensitive product, the ZosterGent® Reagent Test, offering six unique and highly specific monoclonal antibodies that deliver a brighter and more distinctive result, enabling increased diagnostic confidence for the pathologist.

The ZosterGent® Reagent is a fast (20-30 minutes), simple (one-step, one-solution) fluorescent antibody test for the detection and confirmation of chickenpox (varicella) and shingles (zoster) in clinical specimens and inoculated cell cultures.

Image of negative control of uninfected cells reacted with one of the monoclonal antibodies.

Image of VZV-infected cells reacted with VZV monoclonal antibodies in the ZosterGent® Test.