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Does Herpes Zoster Increase the Risk of Stroke and Myocardial Infarction

INTRODUCTION: Herpes zoster (HZ) reactivation is characterized as a vascular rash of unilateral distribution that can also cause complications such as post-herpetic neuralgia, ophthalmic zoster, and other neurological diseases. Emerging epidemiological and clinical data recognizes an association between HZ and subsequent acute strokes and myocardial infarction (MI).

Increased Risk of Herpes Zoster (HZ) with Immune-Mediated Diseases

INTRODUCTION: Patients have a higher risk of HZ with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriasis (PsO), and inflammatory bowel-related diseases (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease (CD). Using immunosuppressive therapy, which treats these diseases, increases the risk of HZ. DISCUSSION: The most common risk factor for HZ is increasing age, presumably […]

Using Lateral Flow Assays to Detect Herpes Viruses in Saliva

INTRODUCTION: Oral fluids have been used to detect Herpes virus antibodies, including secretory IgA, IgM, and IgG. Herpes virus particles have also been identified in saliva. Several Herpes viruses, such as Epstein–Barr virus (EBV), varicella-zoster virus (VZV), and herpes-simplex-1 (HSV-1), have even been detected in the saliva of Astronauts from shuttle-flights and ISS missions . […]