The XYZ series systems are a powerful production tool for rapid test development and manufacturing with a larger working deck than the smaller XYZ3060 platform.


The XYZ3210 is a flexible XYZ motion/dispense system, with a motored Z-axis and fully programmable motion and dispense parameters. The XYZ3210 is designed for simultaneous dispensing or individually dispensing lines and dots. This platform can incorporate 4 AirJet HR, 8 BioJet HR, 8 FrontLine HR, or 8 PolyDrop dispensers. The researcher can choose the type and number of dispensers systems for their application needs.


The XYZ3060 system is similar to the XYZ321- system, but with a smaller working deck.

BioDot also provides a variety of automated camera vision solutions in order to increase reproducibility in manufacturing as well as reliability in part inspection. Automated inspection process can lead to a higher quality of product and increased yield. All of these LFA dispensing systems to create your own design and applications can be seen on BioDot’s web site.: https://www.biodot.com/lateral-flow/

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